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You have an idea, you believe it will change the status quo; you take the leap and become part of the every changing startup landscape. It is a grueling journey ahead, yet you remain unfazed. Every moment is a new battle, you persevere, believing soon - everything will fall in place and it does!

We have buoyed many such founders on their startup journey by providing either end-to-end consultancy services or fulfilling certain bespoke requests.

Leverage our experience and make your own journey enriching.

Business Plan

A Business Plan maps out the future of the startup and showcases the founders vision. Drafting a business plan shouldn’t be tough for a founder who has already spent endless hours analyzing every facet of his business, right from the marketing strategy to the location of the office. But, does your business plan have the singular element to make investors drool and part with their moolah willingly.

This is where we come in. Having drafted numerous business plans across geographies and varied industries, we understand the investor mindset and endeavor to position your Business accordingly

Drafting a business plan ? Let us assist you

Investor Pitch Deck

You have a persuasive business plan. However, Investors are known to have very short attention spans. Not to forget, they receive hundreds of business plans weekly. How do you make the cut? It’s imperative to grab the investors right at the outset, tell a story to engage them, and after elucidating the essential details of the startup, wrap it up just before you lose the spotlight.

An investor pitch deck is the tool you need. An ideal pitch deck should be concise, simple, convey the idea and still leave room for questions.

How about creating a winning pitch deck for your startup?

Feasibility Study

A business feasibility study is a prelude to a Business Plan. It tests the validity of your idea. Whether your product or service is commercially viable. The study evaluates the market for your business idea, maps out any pitfalls ahead, how to avoid or remedy them, the economic potential your idea holds. Moreover, a thorough research may throw up more viable business ideas that could benefit your current offering.

Conducting a Business Feasibility study before embarking on a project is rewarding. It tests the waters before you take the plunge

Should we conduct an in-depth feasibility study before we draft your business plan?

Business Valuation

Valuing a startup is more of an art than science. With little-to-no history, assets or revenues, assessing the numbers that attest the promise of a fledgling startup is challenging. The foremost question on every investor’s mind is: What is the company worth? You and the investor may concur on everything but the process can stall or break-down for want of an agreeable figure.

Using a single valuation method for a startup is limiting. Best practice is to use multiple methods, as done by successful entrepreneurs and angel investors. It also helps in the negotiation process as an average can be computed from the same.

Our experienced team can assist you with valuing your business at every stage of Funding: Pre-Funding, Round A Funding, Round B Funding, Post-Revenue funding.

Get an accurate valuation estimate for your startup

Financial Modeling

Financial Models are the Lingua Franca of investors – Mark Suster, American Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Financial models, are basically business plans written in numbers. When designed and constructed well, they convey the story of a non-existent startup eloquently. Investors are always keen to know the key drivers of any business and how they power growth. A financial model portrays this brilliantly by quantifying all the data points  and their synergy. Which lever delivers the maximum growth, the contribution of each marketing channel to the overall top line and so on.

A professional financial forecast showcases not just the projected revenue growth, it assures investors of your competence to handle any departure from the core assumptions made.

Designing an accurate financial model is essential, however every founder still prefers perfecting his product or service rather than expending energy on getting the numbers right.

Let us design your financial model while you polish your startup idea

Fund Raising Research & Support

Fundraising is an intricate piece of machinery. It needs effort, it needs time but most of all, it needs you, the founder, to be patient until the requisite amount is raised. Right at the outset, the prime question is not “Can you raise Funds?” but “Do you need to raise funds?” Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in solving this piece of the jigsaw – whether fundraising is right for your startup at this stage?

The investment arena is teeming with investors – early stage, late stage, specializing in specific verticals, regions, industries or technologies. To cut through the maze and identify the perfect match for your startup, entails in depth research backed by data.

More than cash, the value system and expertise gained from investors, sets the tone for the startup’s success.

Partner us in your quest for the ideal investor.

Investor Presentations

Startup Funding happens in stages. You may be seeking seed capital or a series funding, your presentation should be accurate and current for each stage. Tailoring your presentation each time, cognizant of your audience is vital.

A rapidly changing startup ecosystem warrants recalibrating the numbers and returning to the drawing board, if need be. A single typo or misplaced number can mar your reputation, however flawless your research is.

Let us design and draft a meticulously researched presentation which is investor ready every time.

Market Research & Go-To-Market Strategy

Success of every startup hinges on whether you have complete understanding of your target audience. It begins with defining the target audience, outlining the problem they face and designing the perfect product /service to delight them. Backing your instinct with valuable data enlightens you of ground reality, encouraging you to hone the product’s value proposition regularly to stay in the game.

Market Research is an invaluable tool that communicates the readiness of the market for your product. The insight gleaned can help you define the scope of your business and ensure you have takers when launched. Moreover, it assures investors of the viability of your idea.

  • Industry and Market Analysis – helps you understand the industry you operate in
  • Competitive Intelligence – provides perspective on your competitors, enhancing the ability to position your product / service suitably.

Be ahead of Competitors. Commission a Market Research study


Startup Consulting
  • Financial Model

    RRB Advisors provided realistic financial projections by developing comprehensive financial models for two different projects from completely unrelated sectors. While on paper both the ideas appeared worth exploring, RRB's financial model helped us select the ideal project, in terms of profitability. The financial models were meticulous with granular estimations for revenue and expense items. They also equipped us with project evaluation metrics like Break-even analysis, Investment payback period, Project IRR etc., that ensured we make informed decisions before implementing the project.

    Online Retail of Tea and Herbal products
  • Business Plan & Investor Pitch Deck

    I want to take a moment and appreciate the exceptional work delivered by RRB Advisors. We had commissioned a Business Plan, Investor Pitch Deck for our startup to present at a Fund raising program. After conducting excellent research work, they computed a realistic valuation for our startup and supplemented the Business Plan with an exhaustive financial model. Highly recommend them.

    STEM Based Education Startup
  • Market Assessment

    Developing a greenfield project is tough. Moreover, developing first of its kind in our region was intimidating. We have an extensive distribution network of contact lens products. We needed a Market assessment before setting up a new Contact Lens manufacturing facility. RRB Advisors delivered a meticulously prepared Feasibility report in the format specified by the funding agency. It definitely boosted our confidence while applying to the Government Sovereign Fund.

    Leading Contact Lens Distributor in Middle East

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