Investment  Research

Investment Research is a highly specialized field. The industry commissions extremely skilled professionals to cater to the perpetually growing repertoire of research activity – be it company, thematic, sectoral, market or global requested from several quarters like – Asset Managers, Brokerages / IRPs, Investment Bankers, PE or VC firms. One advantage it personifies is many of the activities can be completed piecemeal and thus can be successfully outsourced.

RRB Advisors extends end-to-end research support to Investment Managers and Research houses, freeing up valuable bandwidth of their in-house analysts who can thus channel their energies on identifying new investment opportunities. Our dynamic and experienced team of CA’s and MBA professionals with domain expertise across industries and geographies can reinforce your in-house investment research functions, assisting you in expanding your scope and client base.

Leverage our expertise and experience to efficiently navigate turbulent financial markets and access need specific and defined solutions.

Sell-side Equity Research

Sell-side teams have several mandates like idea generation, deal making, creating and distributing equity research reports, organizing corporate roadshows etc. Our team of experienced analysts can provide support across a broad spectrum of activities listed below, improving the research depth without raising the cost.

A detailed breakdown of our services

Buy-side Equity Research

For buy-side teams, to improve the depth and breadth of their research while controlling the cost requires a nuanced approach. We offer a basket of services which can help strengthen the in-house function of buy-side teams in a cost-effective manner.

A detailed breakdown of our services

Hedge Fund Research

We are yet to develop the full suite of services for Hedge Funds. However we do provide basic services for Hedge Funds as mentioned below.

A detailed breakdown of our services

Private Equity / Venture Capital Research

Private Equity and Venture Capital has seen a significant rise in the flow of capital, globally, with the intent to capitalize on the flourishing opportunities in Emerging markets. Being a highly competitive space with limited investment opportunities, these funds demand sizeable research commitment to key in on the ideal investment. Moreover, they have changing needs as per the transaction lifecycle of the portfolio companies.

With expertise gained by working with organizations across geographies, we can assist you with your investment research requirements across the entire life cycle of your portfolio companies.

A detailed breakdown of our services

M&A Research

Inorganic growth can be a valuable tool for an organization to increase its footprint, gain access to newer technologies or to provide a diversified product line – in short, to remain relevant in this increasingly disruptive startup environment.

Our experienced professionals can assist you to structure the ideal M&A strategy, scan the landscape to identify the right candidates, perform in-depth due-diligence and conclude the deal at fair valuation.

A detailed breakdown of our services

Valuation & Financial Modeling

We assist clients with valuation support relating to the numerous business transactions they have. To provide a transparent valuation, understanding the business dynamics along with the industry and the value drivers is essential. We have experience of working with various organizations across geographies and it is this expertise we leverage to appraise a business, a transaction or an asset and derive a fair value to match.

• Valuations of companies
• Valuations of assets
• Valuations of stock options
• Purchase price allocations
• Impairment Tests
• Assessment of market conditions
• Quality assurance of valuations

RRB Advisors team is adept at developing customized financial models to validate / support

• Investment decision
• Back-test
• Scenario analysis
• Performance calculations
• Consulting in general

Data Analytics

We are yet to develop the full suite of services for Data Analytics. However, when any of our clients have bespoke analytic requirements, we are happy to assist.

Research Marketing Presentation

Imparting an excellent presentation experience is critical to the success of any endeavor. You may be presenting to the senior management of your company, a venture capitalist or maybe just your team; It is imperative to render a powerful presentation to your audience for them to comprehend the message.

To bolster your presentation, you will require supporting material in the form of statistics, reference research, or powerful quotes or images. Moreover, it is essential to prepare for all the questions and objections that can be pitched at you during the course of the presentation.

Having assisted many teams and organizations with their Research Marketing / Corporate Presentations, we can prepare or assist you while crafting your own.

Investment Report Writing

Many boutique firms with seasoned team members are specialists in their fields and have a wide basket of stocks or sectors to cater to. They require frequent high-quality support in the form of collating data for presentations, conducting background research and analysis, populating numbers in a financial model, documentation support etc. Moreover, formulating and completing Investment reports to perfection means exhaustive work within a very short time frame. We can assist the client’s on-shore analysts with all of these support activities and more in a time sensitive manner.

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