Case Studies

1. Manufacturing Company in India specializing in vertical transportation (Elevators & Escalators) undertakes key expansion plans

Objective: Assess the viability of expansion plans combined with a financial feasibility study

Solution Presented:

RRB Advisors presented a comprehensive report detailing:

  • Regional Market size, Industry segments, key Competitors with market share, prime drivers of success and Future trends.
  • An internal SWOT analysis with focus on financial outcome.
  • Researched and recommended Industry Best practices for Safety and Security regulations
  • Marketing plan analysing the channels of sales and distribution.
  • Financial Feasibility of the project affirmed by an intensive financial model.

Location: India

2. Regionally profitable and budding Fashion boutique seals Investor funding to spread its wings globally

Objective: Develop a killer investor pitch deck to attract Investor funding

Solution Presented:

RRB Advisors designed a bespoke pitch-deck with

  • Vision & Value Proposition
  • The target market, Problem faced and Opportunity in terms of Market size
  • Description of the Product / Service
  • Competitive Landscape and Revenue Model with analysis of agreed pricing
  • Traction gained, Milestones achieved
  • How will the business acquire customers – the sales process in detail
  • Management team, their Expertise and past successes
  • Financial Model – Sales Forecast, P&L Statement, Cash Flow forecast for 3 years
  • Details of how the funds invested will be utilized

Location: Middle East

3. Passenger Transportation Business improves Revenues / reduces overheads

Objective: To design a comprehensive financial model with the focus on improving business prospects

Solution Presented:

  • A Programmable financial model with a high degree of self-actualization that incorporated key financial drivers and assumptions.
  • All essential variables of the business, such as: revenues, customer utilization, parking fees, drivers’ salaries, depreciation and amortization of assets and leasing costs are taken into consideration

Location: Switzerland

4. SAAS start-up secures essential funds for expansion

Objective: Draft a winning Business plan after conducting a realistic Business Valuation, bolstering the startup’s fund-raising road map

 Solution Presented:

  • Crafted a meticulous presentation highlighting the key features of the Business Plan
  • Devised a financial forecast using historic data, recent trends and pertinent management input.
  • Determined a realistic Market value of the Business using blended valuation methodology

Location: UAE


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